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The video of this kid was posted back in May 2010 by Peterganr. Perhaps, she’s Russian but it is not certain because there’s a language barrier.  However, this reminded me of Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal group, currently on their electrifying Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour show.  This is talent and so we aptly call kids like this “The Gifted Kids“.

Watch the Lyrics Song for this new song of the same name that pays tribute to the gifted kids wherever they may be in the world.  If you know a kid who is talented, would you nurture and encourage him to excel to his fullest potential? Hope you enjoy the videos!

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Jair Dynast - The Gifted Kids

One Response to “The Gifted Kids – aka Peterganr”

  1. reallyilly

    Love your song bro! Keep em coming!!! This is a cool post too!

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