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Get New Rap Songs by Jair Dynast at iTunes
Get New Rap Songs by Jair Dynast at iTunes
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          Available at iTunes!

                    Buy Jair Dynast's Simple Plan at iTunes
Buy Hip Hop Single My Style by Jair Dynast at iTunes - click here

My Style

Jair Dynast shows off his swag and style in his tribute to streetwear culture on the new club banger "My Style".
Buy "My Style" online at iTunes

Get Hip Hop Single Art of Invention by Jair Dynast at iTunes - click here

Art of Invention

Jair Dynast a tribute to the accomplishments of African-American inventors and their contributions to our society. "Art of Invention".
Get "Art of Invention" online at iTunes!

Buy Hip Hop Single Simple Plan by Jair Dynast at iTunes - click here


Jair Dynast returns with the same innovative swagger and boom bap beats on the metaphor laden "Simple Plan".
Buy "SIMPLE PLAN" online at iTunes

Buy the New Rap Release Converse by Jair Dynast


Touching on unplanned pregnancy Jair Dynast delivers more fresh air to Hip-Hop with his new single "CONVERSE".
Buy "CONVERSE" online at iTunes

Buy the New Rap Release PROMISE by Jair Dynast


The 2nd of the double A-side 12-inch singles is "PROMISE" where Jair speaks on living life to the fullest no matter how much stress it presents. After an early leak to a few notable DJs "PROMISE" has already been #8 in the Top 100 Most Wanted on Greece's Radio 1.
Buy "PROMISE" online at iTunes

Buy the New Rap Release Vicious by Jair Dynast


VICIOUS is a gut renching tale of black on black crime and jealousy. Jair Dynast vividly takes you into a dark world of self hatred. VICIOUS nabbed the highly coverted #1 spot on the Top 30 Grassroots Hip-Hop Charts at Rapattacklives.com over heavy weights like Talib Kweli and is revered by DJs worldwide.
Buy "VICIOUS" online at iTunes

Buy the New Rap Release Pull Up by Jair Dynast


PULL UP is the flipside of the #1 Chart Topping 12-inch that includes "VICIOUS". PULL UP is a certified club banger that numerous DJs descibe as "always getting rewinds turn crunk sets!".
Buy "PULL UP" online at iTunes


Buy Hip Hop music from Jair Dynast's new hip hop single SIMPLE PLAN!!


Buy Hip Hop Single Simple Plan by Jair Dynast at iTunes - click here

Download SIMPLE PLAN by Jair Dynast!

Jair Dynast returns with the same innovative swagger and boom bap beats on the metaphor laden "Simple Plan".

Download the Full Jair Dynast V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. Album!!


Download V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. by Jair Dynast!

Hip-HopKings.com recently reviewed JAIR DYNAST debut solo album V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. stating "From the very first track “Intro”, to the final track “My People”, Jair shows his ability to produce vivid imagery, mixed with a range of emotion and feeling within his voice. The diversity in the album is also refreshing, with the club hit “Pull Up”, to the self-conscious “Promise”, Jair never fails to deliver".


Download Converse by Jair Dynast!

With "CONVERSE" Jair Dynast craftily tells us a tale of good intentions gone astray and in doing so brings to light a very common occurrence for young people in today's society, unplanned pregnancy.

"CONVERSE" starts out with a young man approaching an attractive young lady with the intention of finding out if she's got "wife potential". However, being two young people attraction takes control of the situation and 96-hours later our subjects are now contemplating how to proceed with the rest of their lives. The option of aborting the child is raised but they decide against that and are grappling with the fact that they hardly know each other but are now tied together for life.


Download SnakeEyes by Jair Dynast!

The Top 30 hit recording "Snake Eyes" is a gripping narrative, a club friendly Hip Hop and R&B track with a message based on various real life experiences. Jair Dynast vividly describes his boys and him hittin' the club to get their minds of their everyday hustle for money and success. Once inside the club, the eyes of a beautiful vixen captivate Jair. However, this young lady is trouble. She encourages Jair even though she knows her gangster boyfriend is present. As Jair makes his move her boyfriend intervenes, ""Fuck you doin'?" This nigga squawking with a screw face/Looking at her grabbin' at me like an Afghani suitcase/Going through US customs you know says dat nah mek it". A brawl ensues leaving one of Jair's friends severely harmed. His crew is enraged with talks of retaliation "Even though mindless action got nine man down to eight"


Download Struggle by Jair Dynast!

"Struggle" is Jair Dynast's bitter-sweet personal story of his struggle to earn an athletic scholarship in basketball. After attaining his goal and becoming a student-athlete at South Plains College in Texas Jair's dream is shattered by an unforeseen heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and his basketball career ends prematurely. This underground Hip Hop gem covers some of Jair Dynast's life up until his current position as one of independent Hip Hop's most promising artists, producers and songwriters.

Jair Dynast - Singles

Jair Dynast - "SIMPLE PLAN"

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