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Get New Rap Songs by Jair Dynast at iTunes
Get New Rap Songs by Jair Dynast at iTunes
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Jair Dynast expresses his thoughts on the passing of Pop Icon Michael Jackson

I’m deeply saddened by the passing of Michael Jackson. His talent touched me at a very early age. I remember the excitement I would have when the one television station we had in Barbados was going to broadcast the Grammy Awards and Michael Jackson was scheduled to perform.

My mother couldn’t afford to buy any of the jackets or his glittery glove or any of the many Michael Jackson toys on the market at the time but I would get an old glove and my moms Sun Glasses and be ready to do my own version of MJ’s moonwalks. Michael I know you are looking down on us from heaven and I’d like to thank you for the amazing songs, the inspiration I’ve gotten as a songwriter and producer from studying them and for showing us how music transcends all the borders and barriers that our society creates!

May God have mercy on your soul, Michael.
Jair Dynast

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)  Rest In Peace

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) Rest In Peace

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Rest In Peace

Jair Dynast is determined not to slow down on the production process.  He’s currently in Barbados checking out the local Crop Over scene, mingling with his ears to the ground.  He now has some new tools and musical equipment at a new studio and he’s preparing to lay down some hot, hot tracks.  As has been predicted by some music critics, Jair is shaping up to be one of the most prolific hip hop artists to come along in recent memory. Listen and watch for his new songs to hit the airwaves from his guttaperk.

Jair Dynast continues to explore and re-connect with his roots. After a successful African Heritage Month in Toronto this past February 2009, Jair decided to visit Barbados to check out the Crop Over Festival there.  As most of you may know, Jair left Barbados as a very young boy to live in Toronto so he’s not really experienced Crop Over.

Jair is travelling with his camera and plans to write some accounts of his Crop Over experiences for you lovers and fans of his music so look out fior those pictures and stories (Jair Dynast the storyteller) to flow back to Toronto so you too can experience the Crop Over Festival through the lens of Jair’s camera.

The rap new music video for Jair Dynast’s single “My Style” is now available for download in Apple’s iTunes Store.  You can also download the single from iTunes for your iPod by clicking here.

Jair talks about his gear but its a much deeper track than it initially seems. Dynast contrasts his relaxed street fashion with that of other rappers who are still rocking conflict ices. Your wardrobe is a major crisis, he tells his diamond-studded peers. Jair Dynast rapper buys local supporting community businesses, reflecting pride in his urban upbringing, and looking stylish.

Jair Dynast My Style The Vanguard Series: Chapter II

Jair Dynast My Style The Vanguard Series: Chapter II

Jair Dynast Featured in the 24 Hour News Toronto

Jair Dynast Featured in the 24 Hour News Toronto

Local artist turns mentor

When Jair Dynast was in school Black History Month meant someone would come in and speak for a few minutes and then walk out the door.

Now 31, the recording artist is using his music and experience to connect with young people and make them think. Partnering with the TDSB, Dynast is visiting different schools across the city to perform songs that touch on the topics of peer pressure, violence and history.

“I’m younger and I can relate,” says Dynast. “I come from the same neighbourhood they come from, I’m dealing with the same sort of experiences or have dealt with the same experiences.” Dynast grew up in the city’s west end before moving to Scarborough for his senior year in high school. “It’s almost like looking at a mirror image of someone who was them and now here I am doing this.” One of the songs he performsis Art of Invention which talks about various African American inventors that many don’t know about. Dynast leaves behind pamphlets so students can find more information and get kids involved on a different level.

“The response is great especially with The Art of Invention … they really become engaged in the discussion; they ask me a lot of questions,” he said. “To be honest they’re very articulate and intelligent. Even though they’re young, they’re very aware of what’s going on and they have a lot to offer.”

While taking his message to Toronto schools throughout the month, Dynast is working on his third album. His new track, “My Style” is set to hit the airwaves Feb. 24.

Jair Dynast - Art of Invention

Jair Dynast - Art of Invention

The buzz for Jair Dynast‘s new rap song “Art of Invention” featuring President Barack Obama is growing fast. Popular rap music website is featuring the song and the new music video on their website and have chosen the song as Music Download of the Month.

Jair Dynast - Art of Invention

Jair Dynast - Art of Invention

This new rap music video is a tribute to the accomplishments of African-American inventors and their contributions to our society. Many of their inventions were so revolutionary that they have made significant changes to thousands of lives and will continue to do so for many decades. Malvern rapper, Jair Dynast is determined to spark debate about the negative stereotypes of hip hop culture and change attitudes by quietly inspiring youngsters that experience adversity. You can download this song for FREE at

This year’s keynote speaker at Imagine Student Success Conference by Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is Jair Dynast.  The conference will be hosted at Ryerson University on February 17, 2009.

In previous years, the conference was held at York University but a prolonged union strike has forced the change in venue.  The theme of this year’s conference is Character Development and will bring together Grades 7-12 students from across the TDSB.

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