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Get New Rap Songs by Jair Dynast at iTunes
Get New Rap Songs by Jair Dynast at iTunes
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Buy Hip Hop Single My Style by Jair Dynast at iTunes - click here

My Style

Jair Dynast shows off his swag and style in his tribute to streetwear culture on the new club banger "My Style".
Buy "My Style" online at iTunes

Get Hip Hop Single Art of Invention by Jair Dynast at iTunes - click here

Art of Invention

Jair Dynast a tribute to the accomplishments of African-American inventors and their contributions to our society. "Art of Invention".
Get "Art of Invention" online at iTunes!

Buy Hip Hop Single Simple Plan by Jair Dynast at iTunes - click here


Jair Dynast returns with the same innovative swagger and boom bap beats on the metaphor laden "Simple Plan".
Buy "SIMPLE PLAN" online at iTunes

Buy the New Rap Release Converse by Jair Dynast


Touching on unplanned pregnancy Jair Dynast delivers more fresh air to Hip-Hop with his new single "CONVERSE".
Buy "CONVERSE" online at iTunes

Buy the New Rap Release PROMISE by Jair Dynast


The 2nd of the double A-side 12-inch singles is "PROMISE" where Jair speaks on living life to the fullest no matter how much stress it presents. After an early leak to a few notable DJs "PROMISE" has already been #8 in the Top 100 Most Wanted on Greece's Radio 1.
Buy "PROMISE" online at iTunes

Buy the New Rap Release Vicious by Jair Dynast


VICIOUS is a gut renching tale of black on black crime and jealousy. Jair Dynast vividly takes you into a dark world of self hatred. VICIOUS nabbed the highly coverted #1 spot on the Top 30 Grassroots Hip-Hop Charts at Rapattacklives.com over heavy weights like Talib Kweli and is revered by DJs worldwide.
Buy "VICIOUS" online at iTunes

Buy the New Rap Release Pull Up by Jair Dynast


PULL UP is the flipside of the #1 Chart Topping 12-inch that includes "VICIOUS". PULL UP is a certified club banger that numerous DJs descibe as "always getting rewinds turn crunk sets!".
Buy "PULL UP" online at iTunes


Rapper/Producer Jair Dynast

As an inner city youth of Caribbean heritage, Jair Dynast saw both sides of urban life. He saw the dark-side of a city struggling with a growing crime-rate and an increasing population of young people being raised in single parent homes. Fortunately for Jair, he also saw a city rich with culture as his family fought hard to expose him to an eclectic mix of music in his household and outside. As a young boy of barely seven or eight years old, he was taken to free outdoor concerts at Ontario Place to hear “Chuck” Mangione, Ashford & Simpson and Roberta Flack.

The music at home ranged from Mahalia Jackson’s gospel to Earl Klugh, Bob Marley, Minnie Riperton, Roberta Flack, Santana, Stevie Wonder and classical pieces from Bach, Strauss, Oscar Peterson, amongst others. There was always the staple music of calypso and reggae as a child of Caribbean parents. Therefore, you could say that music was indelibly implanted in his soul like a micro-chip.

All of this music exposure must have subconsciously shaped the chart-topping rapper/producer as he evolved from adversity to diversity. After his athletic basketball scholarship was made obsolete by an undiagnosed heart condition, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Jair Dynast activated his musical micro-chip and went to work crafting his own unique blends of hip hop, reggae, techno and R&B beats that are as original as they are uncategorized while still being commercially viable.

Following the top 5 single "SnakeEyes", Jair's debut solo album V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. produced the single "Vicious" which nabbed the highly coveted #1 spot on the Top 30 Grassroots Hip-Hop Charts at Rapattacklives.com surpassing peers like Talib Kweli and Jim Jones. Another single "Promise" climbed to the #8 spot in the Top 100 Most Wanted category on Radio 1 in Greece while "Can't Wait" was chosen theme song for CBC TV's "Make Some Noise" documentary Television Series.

Jair Dynast performed the top singles from V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. for an audience at Crash Mansion in New York City for the CMJ Music Marathon 2007. The CMJ music conference has selected Jair to perform both times he has applied. The album is now critically acclaimed and Jair Dynast has received coverage worldwide in Hip-Hop Connection Magazine, Knowledge Magazine, Blues & Soul, as well as his native Barbados national newspaper The Nation, amongst others. Online you can find features and interviews on such sites as SoundSlam, UKHH, Urbnet, HipHop.ch, HipHopCanada, IllHill, MVRemix, Rago Magazine, Urban Connectionz and many more. The socially conscious album V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. was also chosen one of the Top Ten Albums of the Year by RapReviews.

Jair Dynast recently collaborated with Latin-American rapper, MC Magic who had a number of songs on Billboard's Top 50. Produced by Jair, the song is expected to impact radio nationwide in 2009 and will add a new dimension to MC Magic's already popular talkbox sound (given to him by Roger Troutman of Zapp) that is similar to auto-tune now made famous by T-Pain.

Jair Dynast is set to continue engaging his constantly growing international fan base with his monthly Vanguard Series. His innovative, metaphor-laden style of rap continues to live up to what some music critics refer to as “one of Hip Hop's most prolific artists”. The Vanguard series is already getting rave reviews with the buzz single, "Simple Plan" making the rounds on top rap music blogs.

Simple Plan” has already gone viral since its release via video in October 2008 gaining thousands of views on Imeem(4k+), Vimeo(16k+) and YouTube(11k+) and is available on iTunes among other major online retailers worldwide. His next single, the lighthearted yet intelligent street wear anthem “My Style”, is now ready for release as Jair Dynast recently wrapped shooting the video. Expected January 2009, anyone who loves rap music, the blending of Hip Hop, skater and street wear cultures will fall in love with the gritty flows, infectious hook and booming 808s on “My Style”. With monthly releases scheduled from The Vanguard Series, expect to hear and see Jair Dynast everywhere!

Jair Dynast

V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. is chosen as one of the Top Ten Records of the Year by Adam Bernard for RapReviews Year in Review amongst records from Gnarls Barkley, Pharrell Williams, Lady Sovereign & more… (RapReviews.com)

“Jair Dynast is well on his way to becoming one of hip-hop
s most prolific artists. The album is definitely worth checking out for any true hip-hop fan”.  (UrbanConnectionz.com)

"This ain't ya average album. This is an amazing debut album. He raps tight and has bars for days, and the whole ten-panel artwork gatefold CD packaging certainly made it stick out next to all those CDR's we get to review! Big up Jair the one whom God has enlightened”. 
(Rago U.K.’s #1 Hip-Hop Online Magazine.)

Immersed in the culture of Hip Hop since early childhood, Jair Dynast (pronounced Jah-air Die-nast), "One whom God Enlightened, Ruler of a Dynasty", never knew he had found his life's passion. After being forced to give up his athletic scholarship at South Plains College in Texas due to an unforeseen heart condition, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, fate guided the standout point guard into the depths of politically driven street scripture.

Already on the way to becoming critically acclaimed, his forthcoming solo debut album, V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. showcases the prolific street poet’s penchant for exploring "real life issues" with raw uncut passion through thought-provoking metaphors and similes. Throughout the album, Jair delves into social commentary with emotionally driven narratives befitting the early days of our culture, overshadowed only by his epic hard hitting beats. He combines an inner city upbringing with his Caribbean heritage and category-defying production.
Building on the success of his debut single “Snake Eyes”, which peaked at #4 on the underground Top 30 radio charts, Jair was given an opportunity to introduce "Vicious" and "Pull Up" from his soon to be released album at CMJ25 Music Marathon Showcase. Performing in September 2005 at the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan, to a sizeable crowd, he was very well received.

V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. is an acronym that stands for Vicious Ignorance Amounts to Little Except Negative Consequences N’ Expression. The set up joints for the album, V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E., "Vicious" w/b "Pull Up" debuted at #19 on RapNetwork's Record Breakers and #25 on RapAttackLives Top 30 charts. On September 4, 2006, “Vicious” made a huge leap from #21 to #9 on one of the charts and by September 18, 2006, the 12-inch, had climbed to #3 and #4 behind J Dilla and Masta Killa.  On September 25, 2006, Jair clinched the #1 spot on RapAttackLives from serious competitors such as: Butta Team (featuring Little Brother and Big Daddy Kane) produced by 9th Wonder, Talib Kweli and westcoast mainstay Pigeon John w/b side featuring Rhymesayers Brother Ali.  Not only has the 12-inch made a strong impact in North America but also in places such France, Switzerland, U.K. and Japan.  In addition, “Vicious” had a #2 showing nationally in the USA on MixRevolution Underground/Commercial Chart over records from Ludacris, Justin Timberlake, among others.

Well respected trendsetter in the U.K., UKHH.com said: “Jair Dynast is gonna be a huge MC on the underground” and about Vicious: ‘This two track single that has landed through my door has given me inspiration in believing that real Hip-Hop music is still alive’ and introduced Jair to its audience with these words: “If you like Chuck D, Immortal Technique and Paris, then here is an MC you need to get up on.”  U.K. nationally distributed weekly magazine, One Week to Live reviewed “Vicious” and gave it 5 out 7.  While U.K. Hip-Hop Basement Radio said: "Jair is gonna be a man to watch out for over these forthcoming years. Artists like this keep Hip-hop music alive." Jair was also reviewed in German by HipHop.ch in Switzerland.  Another song, “Can’t Wait” from the album has also made an impact, becoming the theme song for a new 13-part T.V. mini-series, “Make Some Noise”, currently broadcasting nationally on the C.B.C. Television Network.

Jair Dynast has lived in quite a few places, namely Barbados, Toronto, Connecticut, Texas and now New York getting exposed to many cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Jair traveled the U.S.A. playing basketball for a nationally ranked Division I JUCO in Texas. When one listens to VIALENCE, it becomes apparent very quickly how these places have influenced his musical style creating for him a very unique mixture of sounds, rapping and producing. 

In a recent interview, SoundSlam Magazine, asked Jair to talk about the "crab" mentality on "Vicious" and he had this to say: "Sadly, I have to say the verses on "Vicious" are motivated by true events from my turf. Basically, since slavery we have been a divided people, psychologically trained in the art of self-hate. Differently, we as human beings hate each other. We divide ourselves into these groups based on color and/or race, creed, financial status, etc. and proceed to persecute each other for not being a member of what's perceived as the "superior class.” I wanted to do a song that touched on all this but for me just to throw together a bunch of metaphors talking 'bout it wouldn't have the right impact."

One phrase best describes Jair Dynast as stated by Urban Connectionz Magazine, in its review: "Jair Dynast is well on his way to becoming one of hip-hop’s most prolific artists." 

Jair Dynast - "SIMPLE PLAN"

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