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Stream Music by Jair Dynast Winning for on Spotify
Stream Jair Dynast Winning for on Spotify

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Jair Dynast returns with the new single “Winning”, an energetic lyrical exposé with a lush engaging up-tempo instrumental that will have necks snapping worldwide. The song has a unique booming drum pattern fused with rising synthesized horns, up-tempo synth hits and spacey strings. It’s aggressive word play sprinkled with social awareness focuses mainly on rap skill display. The song re-introduce Jair Dynast to the Hip Hop world after a 5 year hiatus from releasing music.

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Jair stepped away from the music business to concentrate on starting a family while build a promising career as a youth Basketball Coach. Things are going well in those areas but the love for producing rap music is hard to keep at bay. Therefore, fans can expect to stream music from Jair Dynast every month for the foreseeable future!